An entrepreneur never thinks about why something can’t be done; we focus all our energy on how it can be done. 

– Marc Guss

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“This book is a manual for success in entertainment.”

“Marc’s fearless style is contagious.”

“This book is an honest example of what an entrepreneur can accomplish with determination and creative thinking.”

“This book has given me the keys to make sure that change transforms me into someone I can be proud of.”


Marc Guss

Marc Guss is founding partner of ACM Talent (acmtalent.com) and a top global social media influencer in his field. As vice president for over a decade at WME, Marc represented A-list celebrity and iconic voiceover talent. He is a Syracuse University College of Law graduate.

His boldly informative book, Instincts of a Talent Agent, shows how to conquer the entertainment industry using an entrepreneur’s specific skill set. The author shares deeply personal experiences from the trenches with names like Lauren Bacall, Floyd Mayweather, Jr., Christopher Reeve, Quentin Tarantino, Whoopi Goldberg, J.J. Abrams, Dr. Phil, and others, what he learned, and how to apply those principles.

“Marc Guss is the real deal. He knows what he’s talking about.”


“The luckiest artists in the business are those who are represented by Marc Guss.”


Voice of CNBC

“You can’t simply be conventional or predictable anymore. Now is a great time to start separating yourself from the pack.”

– Marc Guss

“If you’re not entrepreneurial, you’re vulnerable.”

– Marc Guss

“Instincts of a Talent Agent is a smart, sensible and practical guide for anyone interested in starting and/or growing a business; Marc’s insights can be applied in almost any industry.”


Former head of William Morris Agency, New York

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“Thank you for continuing to open doors and focus on so many aspects of this incredible industry!”

“Much appreciation for your inside industry guidance, assistance and mega inspirational support!”

“I appreciate you and all your passion, energy and hard work.

“Thank you for always being the standard in excellence.”

“Thank you for the countless hours sharing your knowledge and inspiring us to reach for the stars!”

“Thank you for everything you do and have done to build such an amazing community.”

“Regardless of where you are in your career, always strive to provide world-class service.”

– Marc Guss

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